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The Woolmark Company showcases the best of wool activewear at ISPO

Taking advantage of the explosive growth in demand for sportswear and activewear, and in particular the opportunity for wool as a technical fibre to meet increasingly demanding consumer needs for comfort and performance, The Woolmark Company has unveiled its latest edition of The Wool Lab Sport, on show at ISPO February 5 to 8 at Stand B3.324.

The Wool Lab Sport, part of the Spring/Summer 2018 edition of The Wool Lab, is the foundation for cutting edge activewear and showcases the latest innovative, commercially available Merino wool fabrics and yarns for a mix of both performance and athleisure apparel.

Merino wool has positioned itself as a versatile, multifunctional fibre in the sportswear sector thanks to its unique natural features and benefits, such as breathability, temperature control, moisture management, elasticity and resistance to odour.

The Wool Lab Sport connects designers directly with manufacturers and extensive research has been undertaken by The Woolmark Company’s global network to develop two themes, suitable for all seasons, dedicated entirely to sportswear to inspire and influence trends.

The most technically performing wool fabrics and yarns, mixed with technical fibres, to ensure the best results during physical activity. Examples of this theme highlight the technology enriched with the most innovative finishing treatments, suitable to match every climate and discipline, indoor and outdoor.

Riding the wave of this increasing trend, athleisure blurs the line between fashion and activewear, with the latter being used in a non-active, casual way with a modern, stylish look. Merino wool’s ability to combine comfort and flexibility with casual elegance positions it well to cater to this growing market.

“The Woolmark Company continues to actively cement Merino wool’s presence in the sportswear and activewear markets, collaborating with leading manufacturers and brands to promote the natural benefits of wool as a performance fibre,” explains The Woolmark Company’s Managing Director Stuart McCullough.

“There has been explosive growth in demand in this sector, and in particular we aim to continue to take advantage of the opportunity for wool as a technical fibre. By presenting two themes as part of The Wool Lab Sport, we are able to cater towards high-intensity activewear through to the ever-growing athleisure market.”

Lisa Griplas possède plus de dix ans d'expérience dans l'industrie des médias et de la communication. Journaliste de métier, elle a travaillé plusieurs années pour un quotidien, avant de rejoindre The Woolmark Company pour occuper le poste de rédactrice en chef, titre qu'elle détient aujourd'hui.